Winery and Vineyards



We are a small family winery, founded in 1990 in this historic land of vineyards. Our purpose is to make wines that are a true reflection of our land. Through dedication to our vineyards, we produce healthy grapes in a perfect state of maturity, so after being drafted with care, respect and sincere responsibility we obtain wines of great personality and character.



Situated at the top of the Ulla river valley on its way through Vedra in the province of A Coruña, 15 km from Santiago de Compostela.


Residence of D. Antonio Lopez Ferreiro (1837 – 1910), canon of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, discoverer of the tomb of Saint James and one of the great Galician writers. A founding member of the Real Academia de la Lengua Gallega (Royal Academy of the Galician Language), occupying chair number 15. His work includes “A Bonaval Tecedeiras”, “O Castelo de Pambre”, “O niño das Pombo” and his masterpiece “La Historia de la Santa A.M. Iglesia de Santiago de Compostela” (The history of the church of Santiago de Compostela), which consists of 11 volumes.
In 1980 we began the recovery of native vines and made new plantations. Ten years after we opened the winery, and pioneered the 5th subzone of Rías Baixas, Ribera del Ulla. 



The Vineyards

Currently we have 4 hectares of vineyards and as many leased to local growers. Our vineyards are situated at an average height of 226 meters east – west, looking slightly bent to the sunshine in the early morning, when most plant photosynthetic activity is performed. In this valley of Atlantic climate, with “Mediterranean” connotations, soils are mostly loamy-sandy soils ideal for vines. The conduction system is trellis or fence with a plant spacing of 1.20 m. and street spacing of 2.25 m Thus we favour the competition between the vines and plant growth stops just before colouring to achieve a perfect ripening. The pesticide treatments are always the minimum. Thanks to our own weather station, in collaboration with the Galician regional government, we can daily monitor the of moisture in the soil and atmosphere, sunshine, day and night temperatures, and so accurately establish the time of greatest risk of infection, and so optimizing the use of pesticides.



The Winery

Our maxim is to produce honest wines, that is without oenological corrections. Thanks to the care and thoroughness we dedicate to our vineyards, we achieve the highest possible quality. After harvesting with respect, in our small winery, we let the wines evolve slowly and in no way accelerate the process. In any case we have the technology needed to develop and stabilize our wines, offering a unique product and with full guarantees. The result is wines of great complexity and personality. Spirits and liqueurs are also produced with the same philosophy, our orujos, not having been pressed excessively, are of top quality, so our spirits are fine and clean.





The elaboration
By controlling the sugar level and acidity of the grapes, we set the date of harvest which is usually in late September, early October. The grapes are hand-picked and placed in plastic boxes of up to 20 kg., which have the perforated base to drain the must that is generated by breakage of the grapes during transport. This prevents oxidation of the must and an excess of volatile acidity. Once the grapes are selected, the best are stemmed and crushed to be macerated cold, and the rest after being de-stemmed and crushed also go directly to the press. Skin contact maceration is a process for increasing the concentration of primary or varietal aromas. After the mash is tapped or drained from the macerator to a stainless steel tank where it ferments at a controlled temperature of 16 ° C, in the case of Albariño. In fermentation selected yeasts are not added but, with the help of a yeast starter, we ferment with indigenous yeasts from the area. After completion of fermentation, we stabilize and clarify the wine to eliminate impurities and then let it sleep in the cellar for at least 6 months before bottling.


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